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Your Virtual Office

Office 4.0: new technologies for professional studies.

Today the new digital technologies make it possible to have your own Virtual Office.
A Virtual Office offers owners and employees who work remotely a fixed workspace from which to carry out their activities, wherever they are in the world.

What is a virtual office?

It is the possibility of using a voip technology that allows you to have a telephone number with the national or international prefix you want.
It is the possibility of using a cloud technology that allows you to access the smart switchboard of your office anywhere and always with a smartphone, tablet or any PC.
It is the possibility to use the YottaIP software to have all the features that a 4.0 office should have.

What YottaIP can do for you:


Interactive response when they call you, allowing calls to arrive at specific time slots

Voice mail

Telephone answering machine with message forwarding to an e-mail address

Digital Fax

Sending / Receiving Fax to Email

App for SmartPhone

Call management via APP on smartphone

Call Recording

Recording of phone calls


Audio and Video Conference Service

Your Call Center anywhere within SmartPhone range