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Unified Communication for Public Administrations

The Cloud Computing solution for Unified Communication in Public Administrations.

With the new digital technologies, today it is possible to have a Unified Communication platform that allows to optimize the costs of management and maintenance of the telephone network and with an advanced set of features.

What is a Unified Communication Platform

It is the possibility of using VoIP technology by halving the costs for telephone lines
It is the possibility of using Cloud Computing by halving maintenance costs
It is the possibility of using the YottaIP software to halve the communication costs of the organization, making it more efficient

What YottaIP can do for you:

Video and Audio Conference

It allows you to program and make virtual meetings in audio and video mode.


Interactive response when you are called, allowing calls to arrive at specific time slots

Schedule management

Office opening / closing times management: By inserting the office closures it is possible to make a message heard with the opening and closing times, and if you wish, you can leave a message on the answering machine.

App for SmartPhone

App for SmartPhone: Call management via APP on smartphone

Music on hold and messages

Caller waiting times can be filled with music or messages.

State Presences

Displays the presence status of colleagues.

Your Unified Communication Platform anywhere within SmartPhone range