Instructions for YottaIP settings

By clicking on the link the instructions will appear, clicking again will close the window.


  1. Validazione licenza

    When you purchase the application, the user receives the data to unlock it. The data must be entered in the pre-established fields. This screen appears only at first access.

  2. Login

    The login form, which appears every time you want to manage the settings for a specific domain requires: user, password and domain name.

  3. Pannello di controllo

    The control panel called Desktop provides technical information about the computer and the use of the software. In the left part there is the menu useful to move within the application. At the bottom of the menu there are icons for choosing the language you want to use.

User Management

  1. Permessi utente

    Before entering the users who will use the application it is necessary to define their roles and what they can do. The highest role is that of administrator, which is set by default by the application. Most users will only be able to use the application, others will be able to decide on functions such as, for example, conversation recordings or conference planning. To add a new group click on the + sign at the top.

  2. Impostare ruoli e permessi

    In this phase it is possible to define a type of user and decide which actions can be carried out with the application.

  3. Gestione utenti

    Clicking on the top + adds a new user. After defining it, as in the following screen, you must activate the user by clicking on the check mark that turns green. By clicking on the + sign next to it, you can see the user's extension, ie the number to be typed to communicate with the user.

  4. Aggiungi utente

    In this form there are the fields necessary to register a new one.

  5. Interni utente

    The added user must be activated in this form by clicking on the check mark that will become green. In this mascehra it is also possible to see the status of the user and change their settings.

  6. Interni utente

    In the last tab of the user management there is a call log which can be exported in different formats.


  1. Gateway

    In this form there are the gateways inserted in the application, it is possible to manage them. By clicking on the + sign you can add a new one.

  2. Aggiunta gateway

    In this form the settings provided by your voip poveider are entered.

  3. Hardware

    If you have added voip cards or devices you can start automatic recognition through this page.

  4. Percorso in entrata

    Summary mask of incoming routes for calls. If you want to add a new one, click on the + sign.

  5. Percorso in uscita

    If there were several phone numbers, you can decide which strategy to use on which to use. This can be, for example, linked to the cost or location of the user to be called.

  6. Percorso in uscita

    Detail of the window for entering the choices.

Address Book

  1. Rubrica interna

    All added users automatically create this address book.

  2. Rubrica esterni

    The external address book is composed of numbers outside the company.

Contact center

  1. Ivr menù

    Here the settings of the answering machine are summarized.

  2. Impostazioni IVR

    The rules for the automatic responder can be planned with the minimum detail through this page.

  3. Impostazioni orario

  4. Impostazioni orario

  5. Gestione file audio


  1. Gestione numeri servizio

  2. Seguimi

  3. Seguimi

  4. Creazione gruppi


  1. Registrazioni


  1. Conferenza

  2. Impostazioni conferenza