Instructions for settings YottaIP's APP

Click on the links and the instructions will appear, click again to close the window.

Installation and first access.

  1. Installazione dallo store

    Open Yotta Ip app and click on create profile.

  2. Inserimento IP

    Write the Ip address where the software resides on the top form and Select UDP transport port. Click on continue.

  3. Login

    Write User and password of the Yotta Ip software registration. Write the domain name you are referring to . click on access.

  4. Scelta interno

    User can have multiple extensions. You have to select the extension which you want to refer. click on the V and this will become green. At this point, you will automatically access the app's features.


After logging in you will redirect in the app main screen.

  1. Tastiera numerica

    On the top of this screen you’ll see:

    • General settings menù icon;
    • If your user is connected to the software you will see a green dot otherwise you’ll see a red dot.
    • The drop-down menu with your extension number.

    In the middle of the screen there is a numerical keyboard. Next to the green button for sending call you’ll see a button for storing a new number in phonebook (little man’s bust icon with plus sign). Tap the microphone icon for using voice dictation and just start speaking phone number you have to call.

  2. Chiamata in uscita

    This screen appears after you have called someone and before he answers you. Lower keys are used for: the one with red headset to interrupt call, telephone icon one to prevent you from being heard by your interlocutor, loudspeaker ones for using external speaker of your device.

  3. Chiamata in atto

    When you are in phone conversation you’ll see this screen. The first three keys prevent you from being heard by interlocutor, display the numeric keypad, put you in hands-free mode. On the central row there are keys for adding a new call interlocutor, answering to a video-call, opening phonebook. You can use lower row’s keys for recording calls, transfering the call to another interlocutor and for activating a chat (with translation function).

  4. Trasferimento chiamata

    Clicking on call transfer you’ll see this screen. You have to write the phone number to call and click on telephone icon with plus sign , if you decide to cancel this operation you have to click on the telephone with arrow icon. Next you have transferred the call the conversation will hang up, otherwise if you have added a new interlocutor you’ll see the next screen.

  5. Interni utente

    All the conversations are open when you add a caller, if you need to switch between them you have to click on the pause icon and select the conversation needed on the green band below. This function is different from conference in wich all interlocutors act simoultaneously.