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Cut Costs

Cut your phone bills by more than 70%

Quick installation

The YottaIP software does not include any activation costs, the YottaIP installation procedure involves very few steps and is so simple that you can complete it in just a few minutes without the help of an expert. No activation fees.

In cloud and on site

You can install YottaIP in cloud or on site. Choose whether to host it on a cloud provider such as Google, Amazon, Aruba or any cloud with a Linux VPS standard or install it on any cheap appliance dedicated to the switchboard such as Intel NUC, Gigabyte, Zotac Zbox, Shuttle. We guarantee a savings of over 70% in bills on telephone costs whether you use YottaIP in a large company

Learning course

Are you a beginner?
YottaIP makes a webinar course available to first-time customers, allowing them to become familiar with the maintenance and administration of the platform.