The cloud solution allows you to take your own company everywhere. It just takes an Internet connection to connect to all the registered users in your app. The potential uses of this solution are incredible: for example, think about the possibility of creating call centers where the operators can even work from their homes.

The basic module"Communication" will allow you to manage all incoming and outgoing communication of your activity. Referring to the FAQs , buying this module, you will obtain all the YottaIP functions, except Call center. This is a basic module and it’s needed in order to add the Call center function. FAQ

These solutions are offered without the cloud space, which should be bought on Amazon by the company. To define the costs exactly, look at the table below, which will help you to optimise the choice of the appropriated cloud. If you make a request, we will provide free start-up on the the acquired space, otherwise we will you give you all the details and assistance to do it on your own.

Another further cost is Voip. To call through the app you will a provider who will allow you to access telephony via Internet. Click here to learn more.

The prices in the first table refer to the annual use of the app. If you need an advanced configuration, please refer to the second table.
Users 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024
Basic FREE 276,45 576,45 1.149,45 2.211,60 4.107,95 7.260,45 12.590,60 20.350,60
Premium 174,60 349,20 717,80 1.445,30 2.779,05 5.150,70 9.088,90 15.752,80 25.452,80
Upgrade from 4 to 8 from 8 to 16 from 16 to 32 from 32 to 64 from 64 to 128 from 128 to 256 from 256 to 512 from 512 to 1024
Basic 276,45 291,00 582,00 1.062,15 1.896,35 3.152,50 5.330,15 7.760,00
Premium 174,60 368,60 727,50 1.333,75 2.371,65 3.938,20 6.663,90 9.700,00