Call Center Evoluto

Advanced Call Center Service

The Cloud solution for optimized management of inbound and outbound calls.

With the new digital technologies, today it is possible to have a Call Center evolved in very little time and with acceptable costs. A Call Center with advanced features that offers the possibility of working even remotely without losing phone calls, having all the necessary statistics available

What is an advanced call center?

It is the possibility to use unlimited telephone lines thanks to VoIP technology
It's the ability to use the Cloud by virtualizing your Office
It is the possibility to use the YottaIP software to have all the features that an advanced Call Center should have.

What YottaIP can do for you:

State Presences

It allows to visualize the presence status of colleagues, geolocating their position.

Virtual Call Center

Thanks to the cloud predisposition of our software and to the app which can be installed on the smartphone, it is possible to manage Call Centers in a virtual way, also at an international level.


Real-time reporting for each operator: constant control over the work of your business

App for SmartPhone

App for SmartPhone: Call management via APP on smartphone

Call Recording

Recording of phone calls


Listening and intervention of the Supervisor during the call: the Supervisor can passively listen to a call between operator and customer, or intervene directly in the conversation

Your Call Center anywhere within SmartPhone range